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the northbound and once that cars get past the accident is moving freely. we spoke with the c h p and this is what they had to say. >> the southbound lanes of 680 near stone ridge were completely blocked by a semi. it had drifted onto the shoulder. it was a rigidly 6 lb.. the driver, 50 year-old male, over corrected and caused the incident behind us there was one other vehicle involved a small sedan. surprisingly, and good for them it was only property damage. >> there are no injuries but of course this will be here for some time. the rush hour is expected to be a disaster. in pleasanton, kron 4. >> this is of the scene from sky 7 high-definition news
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video. you can see the back up. this is not in the process of being cleared but it is a friday. it is going to take a while because it is in the middle of the commute will continue to check out the impact. >> correct there is significant backup. you can see inearly 0 mi. per hour. it is blocking everything and even the northbound. you can see the yellow is indicating speeds under 25 m.p.h. and even in the northbound. it is not being impacted as much we will continue to practice and keep you updated for this friday commute. continue to keep you updated. >>pam: more about hurricane sandia n.y. city mayor michael bloomberg reversed
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himself today canceling sunday's new york marathon. he had been widely criticized for insisting on holding the race. as the city struggles to recover from super storm sandy. you can see this damage appeared this is just a sampling at least 90 people have been killed in 10 states. and nearly 4 million homes and businesses are still without power. some sections of the york city have not seen any aid since the storm hit on monday. >> s.i., the hardest hit of the new york's boroughs. and according to residents the most neglected. >> this is a disaster. >> they forgot about us. , this is a disaster. they are pleading. >> we are going to die! we are going to freeze. >> the storm surge pushing boats inland with entire homes swept off their foundation. half of new
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york's police fatalities died here. -half of new york's -- fatalities. with young boys being ripped. >> no cameras! >> this man was initially hostile and denied the woman's story. >> she did not see the woman's story. one controversy put to rest as mayor michael bloomberg cancelled sunday's to your marathon. there are rows and rows of boxes of food for the marathon runners. >> the untouched resources turning into a public- relations nightmare as desperate yorkers turned to fire hydrants and dumpsters the necessities of life. >> people have no food, no water! >> one hopeful sign most of manhattan could have its power back on within 24 hours. con edison says the
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storm was worse than anyone expected. >> this was just off the charts and unfortunately we are where we are and unfortunate just like any of the zero utilities up and down the east coast we are trying to recover just as quickly as we can. >> just as stunning you can see this sand is up to the window here on this car. this is long beach island. totally broken smashed. it is still a ghost town. people are not allowed on that barrier island. conditions elsewhere take a look at this. heavy flood water and new york's south district the historic front street. there are items all over the place and people cannot get the gasoline for the generators in brooklyn. look at all of the cars waiting. similar images
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from new jersey. and philadelphia. and in some cases they are not allowing cars to the gas station. people have to line up with their gas cans right here. oftentimes there is a limit on what they get. and some people are getting hostile it looks like there is an argument right there. people are trying to be patient but the demand is so high for fuel that the supply is just not there. >>pam: also tonight we have before and after photographs of the damaged areas along the coast. here you can see one of them that complete story coming up at 5:30 >> families to live weather the storm that was working sandy have other problems as they are returning to their deserted family homes are looters. nick camerada's
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family and his home survived a beating from the storms. >> is anybody home? but i yelled out my window and on a few occasions until i was exhausted. and i woke up this morning and pushed open my shed and went through all my tools. i got nothing. >> he said the tools were essential for his injun repair business. he knows one of them that things that is lo lives in his-own neighborhood. also, we have been telling you about getting around in new york remains quite a challenge. coming up a 530 and up close to or inside one of flooded subway station. stay with
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kron 4 is to continue to follow the aftermath of super storm standee. we will keep you updated throughout tonight newscast. also, decision 2012 president obama and mitt romney are getting back into the swing of campaigning. following a break because of mecca storm sandy. election day is just now ffour days away. with arizona grant lotus breaks down the maps and shows us how states are being projected to vote. >> here are some of these states that are still up for grabs. florida, colorado you can see on the maps. take a look of how close it is from cnn and in ohio. perhaps the most important swing state. with 50% to commit robberies
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40%. just two percentage points ahead. and you can see the same in florida with a huge state. president obama with just a one percentage lead and look at new hampshire. it from the 47%. and i was, six percentage points. and in iowa--6 percentage points. and president obama is leading in these states but it is also in mayor margin of error. he is still however within striking distance. check out this superstore sandy forced both candidates to alter their campaign schedule, big time this week. on facebook, we are asking you what impact do think sandy will have on the election. join the conversation. we will be reading comments on air
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later in the show. >> off we will have continuing coverage of the election countdown continues tonight and will sit down with kron 4 is political analyst michael yaki. however, before that we have a controversial issue to talk about. a new poll is out about proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty in california. kron4's dan kerman is here in dan how are california leading? >> at this point the poll finds a majority of californians are in favor of repealing the death penalty and replacing it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. and while this is a reverse from poll numbers back in september the number of those expected to vote yes is a big enough for proportion 34 to pass. let's take a look at the numbers. the latest field poll of
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serving people at the end of october indicates 45 percent will vote yes, 30 percent felt no and 70 percent remained undecided. that is a significant change from early september when yes voters trilled spells opposed by 45 to the amount of 42%. >> usually when they learn more which is unique id is moving the other way. they are learning more about the initiative. and they could at most likely vote yes. >> 45 could not be enough. however, it will perhaps come down to the 70% of undecided. >> you talk about this measure is growing to have any indication about why the polls indicate that? >> it seems to be because there is a shift of what they think of expensive the
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-- expense of the death penalty to the state if they think that it is cheaper to sentence them to life in prince's without roll band to the death penalty in the appeals that come with it. that is why support is gaining for repelling the get penalty. >>pam: you are coming back again at 6:00 p.m. to talk about proposition 32? >> that is correct, that one is designed to remove special interest money from the elections km >>pam: as a reminder, kron 4 will have a extended live coverage on election night. coming up next, it all starts tuesday at 8:00 p.m. you can also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. >>pam: coming up with the 49ers making headlines. >> the diehard apple fans
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briefed the cold weather and waited in line for the ipad mini. the smaller size tablet is now on the market coming up in my tech report.
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(cheers & applause) >> the cheers as they are trying to get their hands on the
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ipad mini. it is sold out on line and it will take two- three weeks if you order from one of the websites. gabe slate tech report is visiting why people are waiting for this new ipad mini. >> this was the scene at the palo alto store early this morning are run the 7:00 a.m. before thee was open. it is about 70 d. still, more than what we talked. >> i thought that at least 2:00 a.m. you will always get product. if you get there later sometimes not. >> i am shocked. >> cameron got up late and ran to the chestnut store in san francisco he thought that it would be read from the corner. >> i woke up early, i got scared to death. but i made it. it was not as long as i
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thought was going to be and i was scared. >> there were only about 35 people in the store opened the all got in and they all got their ipad mini. i asked these early risers why get out and stand in the cold in the dark? why not purchase on-line? what is so appealing about the ipad mini? >> i wanted it to today's ally had to get up and get it. >> taking up less. >> i wanted a today-- >> to be able to read it on a just one hand on public transportation is a great match. certainly you cannot beat both but if you are choosing, you need to choose what type of level of mobility you want to have and i think it is going to be great. people that are on the goal. women with handbags it is going to be solid people that are on the go. >> it is more affordable, and it is easier to fit in my purse. >> it is much lighter i
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needed it, i needed it. >> and also a great item for travel. >> the ipad mini is sold out in some stores but other stores still have that. based on pre-orders is very possible that the ipad mini could completely sell out but this weekend or even sooner. if you really want this as a holiday gift i would recommend you get one soon gabe slate tech report >>jacqueline: as we take a look of the cloud coverage it is associated with this system mainly to the north. as we look to the north some rainfall approaching on four oth northern california. and it is trying as we get closer to the coast. just-some
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farther northern sections. temperatures right now where we thought there would be with the '60s and '70s in livermore. in the cells become a low 60s 62 degrees in san francisco upper 60s and portions of the north bay. a look at your weather headlines with fog expected along the coast. and chilly temperatures. 40's. as we take a look it this weekend much warmer. towards a sunday and monday with less fog and sunshine. however we are going to start with cool things down a look at your morning lows. pretty chilly with 40's for the inland valley. also 40's and redwood city. 73 degrees in san jose and for the inland valleys also 70's. '70s in livermore, concord and low 70's for the east bayshore.
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and upper 60s along the coast. up to the north bay, 70's. a look at your extended forecast. the morning fog and as we take a look at sunday, monday we will see temperatures warming even more. even 80s! and even '70s along the coast. >> it is time to take a check of friday traffic take a look at the golden gate bridge it is moving decent in both directions. north bound, southbound, no problems much more news, coming up.
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>>pam: the san francisco 49ers may be off this week but one of their players has made headlines, again. we are talking about outside linebacker, aldon smith had been jumped. something that he denies. j. r. stone has the story.
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>> aldon smith, star outside linebacker on the san francisco 49ers is in the news again. the link to a disturbance about side this restaurant. a popular party spot for those at the university of missouri. the college smith attended. >> some people saw in front of el rancho >> smith was arrested earlier this year on a d.u.i. and miami and miami- and then he received minor stab wounds at a party at his house and june. on his twitter page he treated friday saying " want to clear up rumors of me getting jump final day and
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doing well. and he later acquitted " don'didn't -- it jumped. >> i do not know what happened >> they would set the there responded to a disturbance just before 2:00 a.m. on thursday but a report was not filed. but no one was injured or arrested and after a halloween party. >> it was halloween night in a college party. many people are downtown, hanging out. >> those with the san francisco 49ers have talked with aldon smith and there is no substance to what they called reverse. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. rumors
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>> superstores in the change president obama and mitt romney's campaign is scheduled this week. super storm-sandy--changing the
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campaign is scheduled this week. and what impact if any campaign is scheduled this week. and what impact if any do th[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car.
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mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: now at 5:30 the superstorem fallout continues. it has been four days since in the hit the east coast and many are still struggling just to get by. food is in short supply, gas lines are long and as you can see here, subway stations remain flooded. the u.s. death toll stands more than 90 people. with damage estimated at 50 golden
5:31 pm
dollars. nearly 4 million people remained without power. kron 4 charles clifford shows us just how severe this destruction is with before and after pictures. >> this is a ground level of kissam avenue on staten island, n.y. to the beach this less than a mile away at the end of this road. if we look just to the north to conceive a small white house with a gray roof. that was before the hurricane let's move forward to after the storm passed. that little house is now shredded and sitting kron 4 kissam. sitting --. and in the background this roadway was flooded this next image is an overhead look at breezy point new-york in queens. a fire broke out during the storm and dozens of homes were burned to the ground. here's another look at the same neighborhood before and know after. >> this is a before of
5:32 pm
atlantic city, new jersey. you can see the boardwalk running through the middle of the picture here now let's look at the same spot after the storm. the boardwalk has been utterly destroyed only the frame remains. and the debris is scattered all over the shore. finally, this is an aerial view of the man taolocking, new jersey. >>pam: take a look at this photograph from brooklyn it gives you a sense of just how hard a time people are having. just to try to get gas and the storms hardest- hit areas. you can see cars lined up are around the block. there are reports of some lines stretching for miles and people waiting for hours. >> believe it or not also,
5:33 pm
we have shown you getting around the area is still a struggle. new york city crews are still working to clear out all the subway tracks. subway service is limited. jason carole kansas kept a close look. >> were you able to clear out some of these terminals? >> some of these are still not usable. what is left of this over here? >> this is the surface wall with title. you can see that it washed out with the -- titlle this is completely flooded from the platform down to the tracks. the tile.. is destroyed.
5:34 pm
>> you can imagine it is difficult. >> 25 ft. of water at one point at this point you can see it was rusted into the water level was even here. >> we've pumped out about 15 ft. of water so far toward the about 15 ft. out already. >> yes when do you think that this particular subway station will be up? >> i could not tell you, i really do not have these skills or expertise to estimate it. >> if you had to guess? >> i would say months. >> months? >> months. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the aftermath of super storm sandy. >>jacqueline: this alaskan system is staying to the
5:35 pm
north but we are still seeing cloud coverage. just as we expected for tomorrow. so what we can expect is continuing decent conditions. >> just how warm it is going to get in your neighborhood, coming up. >> this next story could be upsetting. with people getting tired of getting their mail stolen. a crime caught on camera. they are tired of getting their mail just bee--justine..
5:36 pm
>> they will take anything, credit-card applications, looking for fraud. >> there is been numerous amount of mail around the streets they are pulling out of mailboxes and they are just throwing it if they do not have an interest. >> after mill started to go out missing neighbors and what lake park turned on their security cameras to set up a trap. >> i am pleased that the neighborhood watch is working in our community. >> the target mailbox with the flags up that is how they knew that there was outgoing mail inside. >> if you have outgoing mail it is left to leave your outgoing mail inside of a locked u.s. postal box or ticket to the post office. >> it is feeling like a violation of your personal space and it is . scary. >> take a look this female suspect is taking the middle
5:37 pm
and the driver of a gray nissan fault, or and maxima. the neighborhood is offering $1,000 it is a possible nissan altima or maxima... justine walden.., kron 4. >>pam: this muni light rail service was shut down at the montgomery station after a man was hit and killed on the tracks. the incident happened just before 7:a 30 this morning the man was hit by inbound n juday train about 700 ft. in the towel away from the platform. officials are not sure what the man was in the tunnel. they're still investigating the let us take a look at walnut creek. the 680/24
5:38 pm
interchange the headlights are northbound and the traffic is pretty heavy in all directions we will be back.
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>>pam: now for today's market update stop thi stocks s. as investors ending sharply lower as investors assessed the potential costs of super storm and sandy. here's a look at the numbers the dow jones industrials lost 109 points. the nasdaq s&p 500 also down today. also, the highly anticipated october jobs report brought mixed news today. newly released numbers from the labor
5:42 pm
department showed the unemployment rate ticked up to the amount of 7.9 percent last month. that's up from 7.8% in september. also the economy added 170,000 jobs last month. also, just four days before the election the candid the turtle in the swing state shuffle. but first president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are making nonstop appearances in eight different states. mary ellen hopkins has the story. >> president obama his case to voters in las vegas he echoed the slogan from his first campaign about ridding changed to america. >> right now we could be putting more folks back to work right now fixing more roads, bridges, expanding broadband true rural neighborhoods. making sure our schools are state of the art. let's put america is pared to work during the work that needs to be done.
5:43 pm
>> mitt romney hits back all the president's changed during a campaign stop in roanoke, virginia. >> there's no question in my mind that we have really cannot have four more years like the last four years. the obama folks are chanting for more years, four more years but our chant is five more days, five more days. >> mitt romney delivers what his campaign says is his closing arguments today during a sto in wa wisconsin. then he's off to ohio for two rallies. oh, will also be in ohio where he holed three different grassroots events before heading back to the white house. the candidates and their running mates will move through the 8 >> kron states over the five days on the campaign trail. they are trying to win over the undecided voters. >> michael yaki?
5:44 pm
>> i do not think that it is going to with just four days before the election. what do think is happening what are they planning. >> what they are looking at is early polls and early turned out to see how the voting is going and how the infrastructure is red. with bringing people into the polls even by boss. or churches. and if i am president obama and looking at president obama i am going to take those three. and i did not know if pennsylvania is really a big play but they will probably still continue to look at that. >> florida? >> ticket florida could be interesting because it is all however, mitt romney started to try to come back but there was a surge of press and all,. and there
5:45 pm
are lawsuits getting ready to keep of goes the voting booths opened. >> the gop is trying to push back about the auto industry a bail out. they say that he gave a bail out but those jobs are not going to china is that going to impact voters? >> first of all the car companies have come out even chrysler saying that it is not true. >> information gets out there and people see this that they were calling chrysler and general motors. are you moving jobs overseas? people care. it is last minute desperation. >> it does it work? >> sometimes it works. >> and raleigh are you going to sway people at this point. do they already know? >> they should all you really legoing to impact
5:46 pm
voters? >> still, it is been leading a hoeight-horse to water. >> if you would like to connect with michael yaki you can to sell. twitter. his handle is thamichael yaki. you can also check him out at twitter also we will have extended coverage. for our facebook and our twitter feed. >>jacqueline: some cloud coverage over the north bay. as for taking a look outside. the bay bridge toll plaza clouds are streaming in and. this evening and tomorrow it will decrease and also a decrease in fog or tomorrow. warming temperatures. through the weekend. sunday, what
5:47 pm
monday some of 80s with what about those 80s? -- on monday. for the afternoon we will warm up to the 60s. and later, we will see 70's for the north bay. the delta, the inland valleys in the self-declared let us take a look at the morning lows. -- let us first take a look of the morning low temperatures. 40's through san jose, redwood city and apiece through redwood city. the afternoon is looking great. 50s-through redwood city courthous and also 70's ito the inland valleys. pleasanton, and antioch with a mixture of 50s and 60s for the east bay shores. it will
5:48 pm
be 66 degrees in san francisco. and 75 degrees in napa. with your weekend category 2 the sierras the temperatures are also going to be pretty mild. the weekend getaway. -2 the sierras. a look at our extended forecast. sunday, monday, looking warm still warm to stick, wednesday, thursday with the increasing cloud coverage later. and even the chance of showers by friday. >>pam: checking the traffic the 101 guadeloupe overpass no problems. look at that. the southbound is moving decent and the san mateo bridge. the heaviest is east bound going towards hayward with no problems. the westbound on the right side of your screen but the east, is going to be a little bit slow we will be back with more to come.
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>>pam: coming to the big screen this week, a pilot turned hero learns just how quickly the glory can turn to controversy. plus a kung fu treasure hunt in a foreign land and an animated film short to please its younger moviegoers. elizabeth corridan has a preview of this week's new releases and " no showing ". >> flight denzel washington plays a pilot credited with saving the lives of hundreds of 42 and flight in the neighborhood and the plane's path. however there is skepticism. >> you had alcohol on your breath! >> " flight " is rated r. the russell crowe is back on
5:53 pm
the binbig screen. his latest picture " the man with the iron fists " his character, jack night teams up with a band of warriors. to find a fabled treasure. and this come through adventure the quest for gold quickly becomes a winner-take-all battle. it is rated r. >> if you're looking to entertain a younger crowd " wrekck it ra
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>>pam: coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will call out to pleasanton where an overturned a big rig has snarled traffic all day on interstate 680. and stanley roberts explains the problems are piling up around this pile of dirt in oakland. >>jacqueline: we can see a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures still cool. but
5:57 pm
a warm up for the weekend what we can expect.
5:58 pm
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: know at 6:00 p.m. getting home in the east bay is going to be a challenge. hours after a big rig turned around in pleasanton. you can imagine it is still struggling to recover. shortly before noon today the chp says the driver of the truck lost control and flipped onto the center divider on the 680 did the stone ridge drive off ramp. this is video from sky send high-definition from abc news. the cruise flipping the truck up right about an hour and a half ago. but the commute in the year remains a nest tonight. kron4's alicea reid has the details.
6:00 pm
>> it is moving very slowly. it is backed up for miles. let me show you that those tillites are going on for several miles. they are moving these-tillites but they're moving slowly. this moved with a 5 hour closure, earlier today. this achappened at the stone ridge off ramp. there are using the shoulder to get by. as you can imagine the delays of three lanes using the shoulder. we spoke to the c h p. >> the southbound lanes of the 680 south of stone ridge were completely blocked by a semi. it had drifted onto the shoulder. it was a rigidly troubled northbound on the 680. the 50 year-old was are rigidly--traveling northbound are originally.
6:01 pm
he over corrected and thank goodness it was all the property damage of the sedan that was also involved. >> there were no injuries but drivers are going to have to be patient. as the traffic clears in pleasanton, kron 4. >> let us take a look at the real time traffic map. the residual map shown the impact is having on the front a rush hour commute. still very slow. along the 680, the 580 is also difficult. so, it is not a pleasant situation.
6:02 pm
>>pam: a jury will continue deliberations monday. in the trial of a former san jose elementary school principal. he is accused of failing to report a teacher suspected of molesting his students. lin vijayendran was the principle of with the elementary. they started reporting disturbing behavior from a teacher. rob fladeboe has more. >> the molestation of five girls is the correct charge. the current principal, lin vijayendran is charged with a single misdemeanor for not reporting chandler to police. during closing arguments the prosecution ported to lin vijayendran the handwritten notes. based on the interview that the
6:03 pm
student was blindfolded and put something in her mouth. they took the witness stand at lin vijayendran she said that she accepted the teacher's story. it was all part of a leopard lesson plan he talked about helen keller. a-e lambert lesson plan -- but a reasonable person would have to beat crazy not to be suspicious of that " elaborate " lesson plan. they must think that they're crazy if they do not think that that is suspicious. she could spend six months in jail. >> coming up stanley roberts explains why neighbors are so upset. a pile of dirt in west oakland are starting to pile up. kron4's stanley roberts explains when neighbors are so upset. and why caltrans
6:04 pm
is launching an investigation. what is the problem? it might not be just dirt. in october which brought this to the attention derrik muhamead . >> why don't you have water on the dirt the community is inhaling all of that dirt. you do not know what is going on in that part? >> and although he had information that there are many problems what the dirt had clear-cut evidence of. >> we had an independent engineer refirm -- that the engineering firm tested the sorrel and came back suspected fall of contaminants particularly the high levels of water or
6:05 pm
oil. in fact according to a report dated october 23rd, the dirt exceeded the recommended levels of nickel and chromium. and according to reports the sorrel was not tested properly and was not acceptable by carol in the city of oakland for filll that calero. they see these findings differ -- from several previous investigations. >> this bird is only a few yards away from homes and it is a church. and it has outraged residents. we are pulling it in a call to the epa. hopefully we can come to resolution. we will have more on this, in west oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. san francisco police have arrested a man who they say violently attacked a muni station agent last month. this is
6:06 pm
surveillance video from the station at market & van ness. the 20 year-old devon riley of san francisco kicked and punched the agent after he ignored the agents request not to go through the pay gates with a bicycle. he was seriously injured, and the agent has not been able to work sense. riley was booked with battery charges. now, more than 18 million are registered to vote. that's an all-time high for the state. the secretary of state saying that 950,000 new voters have signed up since 2008. since the presidential election. it is attributed to the on-line registration form. many young democrats the number of republican voters in the
6:07 pm
state of war has dipped to be low 30%. dan kerman has more. we are seeing that we can take a look at the numbers. this is showing only 34 percent is supporting the measure. and a 16% are still undecided. if you go to this report in early september it has dropped. and in opposition it has increased from 34- 50%. it has little chance of passing. >> this is the most expensive issue on the ballot. >> what we did find is that while voters to have concern about the power of labor unions. it is meant to address there is still greater concerns about the power of large corporations. >> is still up to the
6:08 pm
undecided 60% but they have a lot of run to catch up and it is this correct? it is not likely that proposition 32 will succeed. >>pam: there's also a new poll numbers out about proposition 34 which aims to repeal the death penalty? >> correct. the latest poll shows a majority of california supporting this 45- 38% with 17 percent undecided. this measure is gaining support. but still need some of those undecided to get over the 50% mark. >> interestingly enough, they have gone for the money angle instead of the compassion and all. >> correct. the view of california has really changed. they thought that it was cheaper to send them to the death but now it is cheaper to send them to life in prison without the possibility of parole. with
6:09 pm
the appeals process keeping that in mind. >> thank dan kerman. >>pam: today the labor the parma released its jobs report for the month of october and brought some mixed news. the economy added 171,000 jobs last month. however, the unemployment rate went up to the amount of 7.9 percent last month. slightly higher than september's 7.8%. more than 12 million people are still unemployed. 40 percent of whom have been out of work for more than six months. with the presidential election just four days away, both candidates today tried to put their spin of the new numbers. >>pam: here recent poll shows americans think the economy and jobs are still major issues facing the
6:10 pm
election. >> he said that he was going to lower the unemployment rate. however, we learned that it is 7.9% and that is 9 billion jobs short. unemployment is higher than when barack obama took office. the mother resembles think that the economy and jobs are still the major issue facing this election. >> president obama and governor robyn arm each making their final campaign shoucampaign-porsche through the swing states and it is still too close to call. this campaign- push.... there were both in ohio today. governor romney was also in wisconsin. from saturday through monday, starting with president obama. he is focused on the
6:11 pm
three midwestern states, wisconsin, ohio, iowa. and governor romney will spread it out making two different stops in iowa, ohio, new hampshire and also make a stop in pennsylvania, virginia, colorado. with polling numbers in the state's very close, the final push should sway a few voters and make the difference in what experts predict will be a very close election. as a reminder, kron 4 will have extended live coverage on election night. tuesday. 8:00 p.m. and stay updated on our website kron 4 .com and facebook and twitter feed its. >>pam: coming up clearer pictures starting to emerge of the devastation superstore. these desperate pleas on the staten island
6:12 pm
and why they are feeling left out. neglected.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>>pam: officials in new york reversed themselves today. canceling the city's marathon that that was expected to attract 40,000 runners this weekend. the city is still struggling to recover from superstore warm
6:15 pm
sandy. at least 90 people are dead in 10 states because of the storm. super storm-sandy. nearly 4 million people and businesses and homes are without power. some sections of new york have not seen any 85 this warm set hit on monday. >> staten island, the hardest hit of new york's five boroughs, and according to residents the most neglected. >> it is a disaster! they forgot about us! >>pam: residents pleading with government officials. >> we are going to die if we got killed with the weather. we are going to die. we are going to freeze! we got a 90 year-old people! >>pam: the storm surge pushed those hundreds of
6:16 pm
yards and lint. entire homes or swept off their foundations half of new york's city's 40 fatalities died here. two of them were young boys who were riding in their s u v. their mother told that the flood waters rick from her arms of owner of this house refused to let him and. >> get out of here! >>pam: the man was a lushly hostile to reporters but tonight the woman's story. >> so you did not see the woman with the two children? >> absolutely not. >> this is miles and of rows of food for marathon runners. brigham one controversy put to rest today as mayor michael blumberg says that they cancelled the works. on the decision came after they found food lights and generators working in central park. the untouched resources turned into a public-relations nightmare
6:17 pm
as desperate yorkers turn to fire hydrants and dumpsters for the necessities of life. >> people have no food or water. >>pam: one hopeful sign is the most of manhattan could have its power back in 24 hours. con edison this is the storm was worse than anyone expected. >> this was just off the charts. we are trying to recover the east coast as quickly as we can. >>jacqueline: 60s for the bay area and:along the coast. the 87 degrees in half moon bay. and it 60s-57 degrees right now-in half moon bay. with fog near the coast and these gloves that we are seeing are pressing through overnight those clouds -- >>jacqueline: with chilly conditions and the livermore valley as we go for this weekend were fog expected. and warmer as we go towards sunday and monday. let us take a look at the morning low. 43 and santa rosa. a
6:18 pm
bit chilly in the north bay with dense fog expected. upper 40's through san jose and 53 in daly city. the afternoon is going to be great. sunny skies with 75 degrees in los gatos. 73 and the inland valleys. 75 in antioch. a mixture of '60s and '70s for the east bay shore. for the coast, 60s for san francisco, 70's for the north bay. as we look for the sierras? it is also going to be a nice. and taking a look at normal temperatures. sunday, monday, decent conditions. as for look for the rest of next week cooler temperatures. cloud coverage increasing and take a look at the rear jump in thames
6:19 pm
temperatures -- >> and with just and one more than one or the warriors will top off their home schedule at oracle are we not. j. r. stone is live in oakland tonight for basketball fans are filing in. >> correct. they might not be expected to do much but look at the oakland a's there were also not be expected to do much but it turned out pretty well. let me show you and the distance all of these fans that have showed up that are taking pictures before making their way into the oracle of reno. i do not know if you can see it but they have rolled up the blue carpeting for the home opener tonight. every entrance is going to be walking across that nice, blue carpeting. i spoke with some fans that are lined up outside the oracle and this is what they had to say.
6:20 pm
>> is this a lucky hat? >> we will see a l [laughter] >> we hope so. >> and i am really hoping that it is going to be a great with carl a great addition. and the rookies are going great. >> you are very optimistic. >> yes will not be to the playoffs since 20 06. >> i will always be a warriors fan. regardless of where i lived. >> we are fired up. we have been waiting for a couple of weeks for a long time, actually. >> trying to get to the playoffs since 2007 in the distance you can see these fans. making their way towards oracle. the tip off at 7:30. and against memphis grizzlies if you like going to see live sports, they
6:21 pm
have paid $8 million of improvements. most in the last 15 years. that is a lot offered in oakland. reporting live, j. r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: stay with us, there is much more coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
6:22 pm
the 2013 sl.
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6:24 pm
>>pam: it should come as no surprise that a lot of kids in san francisco skipped school on wednesday to attend the giants world series. the championship parade. the san francisco unified school district reported attendance rates dropped at roughly half of its schools. attendance and high schools was down to 75%. compared to the usual 96%. middle school attendance fell to 86% on
6:25 pm
wednesday. the district said the drop was similar to when the giants had victory in 2010. >>pam: as a reminder we will be having a special commercial-free rebroadcast of the best moments from wednesday's parade. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
>>pam: police in fairfield are on the lookout for people stealing mail right out of neighborhood mailboxes. >> and the ipad mini hits store shelves will have an up close look. gabe slate tech report >>jacqueline: and the clouds over the bay area. it should stay to the north with better weather. as this passes for the weekend. details coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.
6:31 pm
>> and san jose. lin vijayendran is oaccused of failing to admit such will misconduct from the 80 the teacher the court records including lin vijayendran the handwritten notes from the victim as saying that chandler, the teacher blindfolded the student in put something in her mouth lin vijayendran she could spend six months in jail if convicted. rob fladeboe, >> there are two suspects accused of taking private mail in the neighborhood would like park. the neighborhood watch put up the security cameras after mail had been gone missing and for several weeks. in this video you can see the suspect getting out of this nissan. taking the mail and
6:32 pm
then taking off. they are offering a $1,000 reward to catch the suspects. fairfield, kron 4. >> in the news from a continued to find amazing before and after of the damage from hurricane sandy. take a look this is kissom ave. you can see that little white house. this is before, and this is the same little white house it is shredded. it is no flooded on that ave. just it is-no flooded -- coming natura >> in california the latest field poll showing that the majority support proposition of repealing the death penalty. 45 percent
6:33 pm
support it. 17% are not decided. the 5% of the undecided could switch to the " yes " for the measure to pass. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in oakland is all about the golden state warriors. the home opener at oracle. you can see it is looking glad. with the blue carpeting has been rolled out it is looking good-and the fans are glad to make their way into the air stadium maybe they will make the s playoffs? with one of the top-10 crowds. 7:30 against the memphis grizzlies in oakland, kron 4. >>jacqueline: the big weather story is warmer weather expected with not
6:34 pm
much rainfall actor that morning fog sunshine expected. temperatures continue into war. warm, dry air. temperatures are going to continue-continuing to-warm- up the north bay valleys and inland. 50s for the east bay shore and the peninsula. '70s in palo alto 73 in san jose. 70's for the inland valleys. 75 in antioch '60s and '70s for the east bay shore. and the north bay will be 70's and san francisco will check in at 66 degrees. a look at your extended forecast with a warming up by several degrees. that will continue sunday, monday with even 80s inland. however a gradual cooling toward election day. as we see cloud coverage increase in with the chance
6:35 pm
of showers. >> i am sore excited to get the ipad mini. i woke up early. i am-so excited it-- >>pam: you are looking at these customers at the palo alto elks store. some of these have been standing in line overnight. long lines and some have already sold out and some over still lead inventory. it has been selling out on my it will take a couple of weeks if you order from the apple website. and gabe slate tech report why some people are willing to wait. >> i ask these people want to take it out of bed? why not purchase on-line? what is so appealing about the ipad mini? that they needed
6:36 pm
it now? >> just being able to take less space in my back. and with public transportation, it is a definitely a great unique niche you certainly do not need both. on what types of availability but i think it is going to be great. for people on the go, and women that are having princess. >> it is great, it is a steal. >> it is more affordable. and i do not want something that is that large. >> when you grab these devices and trouble. you are going to need one for the mill, and you are going to need something else for movies the other for e- mail.. this lissette the palo alto store. and this
6:37 pm
was nearly 70 deep. this was-near the hello called the local store. >> the palo alto a couple store apple. >> sometimes if you get. they are without inventory. >> i was shocked! >> this person will come up light he thought that the law and was going to be wrapped up groun he thought lina going to be run the building? -- and everybody got theirs. it is sold out but some other stores still have it. based on pre-orders it is. possible that the ipad mini could sell out by the end of this weekend. if you really want this? i would recommend that you get
6:38 pm
one, somsoon [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
6:41 pm
>>pam: the space shuttle atlantis has are right at its final destination outside the kennedy space center. it has arrived the kennedy space center visitor complex in florida. the retired order made a brief 10 mi. journey from masses vehicle assembly building. the 76 wheeled platform. atlantis will the final mission from the space shuttle program back in july 2012. it will be part of the exhibit at the space center. >> also, nasa's mars
6:42 pm
curiosity rover still has not found any concrete evidence to determine weather there was life ever on the red planet. test results released by the lab show the road not definitively detect methane in the martian atmosphere. coming up sports
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> good evening, everybody. we aren't just moments away from their home opener. all was quiet at oracle earlier today but the place will be rocking with 18,000 + tonight. as the warriors host the memphis grizzlies in their home opener. center andrew bougt--bogut who scored
6:46 pm
eight points and 18 minutes against phoenix and wednesday. >> and so excited to play against another team. that is why i chose to come here. the fans are going to be hooked up and ready to go. >> the star of that came was benched clear karo --carl landrn his first season with the warriors fired up about tonight. >> any comments, jacqueline? and i think that perhaps he could have shaved. >> maybe he is handsome.
6:47 pm
>>pam: i think that she is with me. but i also like it clean-shaven. >> you could be one of those that just to grow a small one law. >>pam: [laughter] >> fear not. and if it is the 12th straight game. and to richard seymour. he was fined $15,000 for unnecessary. richard seymour. it was $15,700. for the " unnecessary late hit ". also, the chiefs call the writer is a dirty team. seymour has been falling before. most noticeably for
6:48 pm
a late hit on steelers quarterback ben rothenberger's last year. also, new york mayor insisted in york city marathon would take place as planned however a later today he announced that the race has been cancelled as the city struggles with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. he issued a statement this of the race would have been a source of controversy. 40,000 + annuals run the race which generates $340 billion for the city. also, if you are a hockey fan? winter classic cancelled. the national hockey league has canceled its annual " walter classic " hockey game. it is usually
6:49 pm
played outside and an arbor of the university of michigan's football stadium. the game would have featured the detroit red wings versus the toronto maple leafs. we are in week six of the locked out as both that the nhl and players cannot come to a deal. no end in sight. jim, i was in europe for one hockey season -- >>jacqueline: i was in europe -- 41 hockey season. >> i was also at the dentist chair earlier today with two teeth pulled! >> with the world series street party. elise are you ready? >> always!. j aliccia -- always ready. >> the like your comments.
6:50 pm
>> if there is a fight kron will cover it. and also e- mail, next... ♪
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
6:53 pm
>> this is from the aftermath of the world series. i cannot emphasize this enough. with violence in the streets. we will take a little bit. what do you have? >> jane. " you were spot on it with your comments about the people " celebrating " in the streets sunday night. i wish more news people were real. >> also, an anonymous said you better watch your back. >> believe me i am no st. if you are hungry, and you are out of work and you steal
6:54 pm
something? i do not like it but i understand. if your baby is crying and you steal pampers i understand. however, just fort defacing property i do not understand. just fourr... destructive behavior. and again if you have problems in your life in your trying to do something to feed your family or gasoline in your car. i get it. there is no need to tear the city apart. >> these are little vandals. little bit the guys and they are not even fans that is what bothers me. it is always " anonymous. ". >> and see how brief i am. >> i do not want to spend
6:55 pm
another minute on this and how can you compare the 2010 title to the 2012 title? >> it is the first loved. i think that it is going to be comparison of the pontiac silver dome. but i like this team better. and romo and barry zito were great on the tonight show. and i cannot think that there is not one team on the team is not likable. what i am saying is that the type of team that want to four. i will take 2012. it is more fresh. that is the team want to-catcher for card >> what is your problem with people saying that barry zito has over, adversity? >> perhaps that is the number one question. >> adversity why can we not
6:56 pm
to just say that he has really pitched well? however, adversity for the 9 millionth time. a simple with it is a sick member of the family that your caring for. not $80 million per year and you cannot get your curveball opened. that is difficult to understand it drives me crazy with-$18 million per year is insane! >> he did have a great story. he made a great comeback. >> he's a great guy. >> but just that whirred " adversity ". >> and richard says that i am on line a lot and they possibly did not get a enough air time. also, the
6:57 pm
giants were not getting their national do? >> why? >> also, the media was a major presence at the parade. >> see you
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
we're on the ground, in new york, where residents are now becoming enraged after sandy. >> we're with the media taking sides today over the city's controversial marathon plans. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. there's a marathon playing out while they're still waiting to get rescued. >> we're going to die. we're going to freeze. the headline -- abuse of power. >> unused generators sit here in central park reserved for the marathon, while people are in the dark. >> until power comes on, there's a real disconnect when you have people running through the streets. >> robin roberts's co-host on the controversy. plus, the storm's impact on the election. >> there could be a backlash against anybody who the public blames for their misery. one-on-one with kristen stewart and robert pattinson. >> were you looking forward to promoting this film?

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